Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Walid clarifies misconceptions at GVSU

Today's presentation was given at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan.

Topics discussed were:

1) Muslims worship the same G'd as Jews and Christians. ALLAH simply means G'd in Arabic.

2) Muslims are obligated to accept Jesus as The Messiah. Jesus is also referred to as Messenger of G'd, Prophet of G'd, Spirit of G'd and Word of G'd in Islam.

3) Women according the the Qur'an were given rights 1,400 years ago that American society did not have in its inception. (Right to marry a man of her choice, right of inheritance, right to work and keeps one's wealth, right to education, etc.) *Note* - The 3 largest Muslim nations population wise have had female heads of state (Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh).

4) Muslims are very diverse and reside in virtually every land on earth. Muslim and Arab are not synonyms.

5) No Muslims call themselves "Wahhabi." This is a derogatory term similiar to members of the Unification Church being called "Moonies." The more correct term for the Islamic methodology, which is taught in the Islamic schools in Saudi Arabia is called "Salafi." Bin Laden is not a Salafi.

Cut & paste to listen:

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