Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Have a Happy Turkey Day!

Muslims! We know that some of us believe that we shouldn't celebrate Thanksgiving because it's not an Islamic holiday. We also know that Thanksgiving is not a special day to thank G'd because we thank Him no less than five times per day in our prayers. Furthermore, we know that the tragic end of the Thanksgiving myth relating to the pilgrims and the Native Americans is that the Natives eventually were ethnically cleansed and were victims of genocide by the European settlers.

Thanksgiving, however, is a national holiday and a time for us to spend special time with family. For indigenous Muslims, it is a time for us to travel to visit family members and show kindness to our parents. It is our obligation to spend time with our parents and to obey them, even if they are Non-Muslims, as long as they do not call us to disobey G'd. Also, it is a time to display Islamic manners and share the religion of Islam with our Non-Muslim family and friends. Yes, Muslims are allowed and do have Non-Muslim friends.

So enjoy your family, friends, good food and deserts, the Detroit Lions vs the Green Bay Packers football game and movies on Turkey Day.

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