Monday, November 05, 2007

Pakistani dictator uses extermism as an excuse to impose martial law

Yesterday's announcement that Gen. Pervez Musharraf was imposing martial law upon Pakistan was not a major surprise. Dictator Musharraf claimed the title "President" for himself after deposing the democratically elected government of Pakistan in a military coup. Musharraf has imprisoned opposition and attempted to censor journalists, who have spoken out against him. Currently, Pakistan has been under a 3 day news blackout.

Also what was very predictable was that Musharraf would use the excuse that the Constitution of Pakistan needed to be suspended due to the threat of extremists, which is the excuse that other nations have used to quell political dissent where Muslims reside. In this imposition, Musharraf dissolved the judiciary branch of government. In other words, Musharraf wants ZERO checks and balances.

The judges as well as the lawyers of Pakistan are hardly extremists or Taliban types. In fact, many of the lawyers, who protested the firing of Pakistan's Chief Judge Iftikher Chaudry and are taking to the streets now are SECULARISTS. They are not marching for increasing the role of Islamic Law in Pakistan; they are marching that the CURRENT constitution of the nation be adhered to.

Realistically, Musharraf cannot last. Even sadder is that our administration supported this dictator, who overthrew the elected president of Pakistan, and the people of Pakistan partially blame our nation for propping up this dictator. Our President, however, will tell us that they don't like us because of "our freedom."

Do you wonder why Anti-Americanism is rising in the so called "developing world?"

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