Thursday, November 08, 2007

Message for Friday - Muslims are obligated to challenge oppressors

إذا رأيت أمتي تهاب أن تقول للظالم يا ظالم فقد تودّع منهم

The Prophet Muhammad (SAAS) stated, "When you see my community afraid of telling an oppressor 'Oh oppressor!," then most certaintly bid farewell to them."

انصر أخاك ظالما أو مظلوما" فقال رجل: أنصره إذا كان مظلوما

أفرأيت إذا كان ظالما كيف أنصره؟ قال تحجزه أو تمنعه من الظلم فإنّ ذلك نصره"

He (SAAS) also stated, "Help your brother whether he is an oppressor or oppressed." A man inquired to him, "I help him when he is oppressed, but when I see him being an oppressor, how do I help him?"

He (SAAS) replied, "Stop him or obstruct him from oppression, and surely that is helping him."

أفضل الجهاد كلمة عدل عند سلطان جائر

He (SAAS) also said, "The most excellent jihad (struggle) is telling a tyrannical leader to be just."

In Al-Islam, being patient with a leader that makes errors or commits sins in his personal life is a matter of principle. However, challenging an oppresive leader, who is stiffling social growth and robbing community resources is an obligation.

The bidding of farewell to the Muslims as a nation does not necessarily relate to population. No, there are 1.6 billion Muslims today. The farewell bidding is the Islamic spirit, which is the human spirit to resist all efforts to stiffle the potential of human development within society. Hence, many Muslim majority nations are ruled by oppressor shepherds while helpless sheep allow themselves to be uneducated and live in squalor. Those nations should not be viewed as Muslim nations not soley because of the form of government, but more directly by the spirit of the people. Nations get the leaders that they deserve.

In Pakistan with the non-violent resistance of the lawyers against Musharraf, there is a hopeful sign that the nation has not died. If Musharraf was fearful of his place in the hereafter, he would listen to the cries of the oppressed and allow social reform.

And surely G'd knows best.

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