Wednesday, November 14, 2007

French "charity" workers attempted kidnapping was an attempt to convert?

As demonstrators in Chad take to protests regarding the twarted attempt of European aid workers to kidnap Muslim kids, Sudan's president leveled charges that the kidnapping was a plot to convert these African children into Christians to then send them back into Africa to convert Muslims once they became adults.


Although President ElBashir has no solid proof that this was the case, there is a long, disturbing history of evangelical prostelyzing in Africa under the banner of "relief work."

The political conflict in the Central African Republic, Chad and Darfur will not be helped in anyway by prostelyzing Muslims.

Again, this might not have been the case in the Zoa's Ark kidnapping case in Chad; they may have just been old fashion European kidnappers, who were going to exploit African children and turn them into servants in France. However, it is safe to say that if those kids had arrived in France, they would not have been sent to live with fellow African Muslims!

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