Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Message for Friday - Some food for thought

Instead of posting a verse from the Qur'an or a saying of the Prophet Muhammad (SAAS) to elaborate on, I figured that I'd just pose a few questions for us to ponder.

1) Why do Shi'i and Sufi brothers and sisters refer to Saudis or Salafis as Wahhabis when no one in Saudi Arabia calls themself Wahhabi and a large combined percentage of Saudis follow the Shafi'i, Ja'fari and Zaydi schools of thought that are not aligned with the Salafi movement?

2) If the traditions of the Sufi orders and their chains of knowledge are complete deviations from "mainstream Islam," why were the major classical scholars of ahadeeth including the knowledge of narration chains those who were followers of Sufism such as As-Suyuti, Ibn Hajar and Ibn Rajab?

3) If all Jews and Christians are disbelievers, why would we call all of the wives of the Prophet Muhammad (SAAS) the "Mothers of the Believers" when there is no sound evidence that his Jewish wife and Christian wife ever accepted Islam?

4) If using prayer charts is acceptable based upon science since most of us do not judge prayer times upon viewing the position of the sun and looking at shadows, why is there so much resistance regarding using science for calling the month of Ramadan?

5) If Sunni Muslims are wrong for pronouncing "takfeer" over Shi'is, is it not wrong when some Shi'i Muslims pronounce "takfeer" over Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman or Ayesha especially when Imam Ali (KW) did not pronouce them as heathens?

Just a few things of us to think about. I'm pondering over two of them myself still.

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