Sunday, October 21, 2007

Irrational policy regarding PKK

The Kurdish Workers Party, a socialist organization, also known as the PKK is an party that has been listed as a terrorist organization by the US State Department.

Turkey, which is one of our NATO "partners" has been attacked for years by the PKK. Fresh attacks being launched by the PKK from the Kurdish area of Iraq into Turkey have resulted in numerous casualities including deaths of Turks just today.

Oddly, the PKK during the time of Saddam was able to operate partly due to the No-Fly Zone enforced by NATO over the Kurdish region of Iraq and the autonomy that Kurds were able to exercise in the area with the support of our nation.

Last week with popular public support from Islamic and secular forces within Turkey, their legislature passed a resolution giving permission to their army to cross into Iraq to fight the PKK. Turkey has already amassed troops on the Iraqi-Turk border.

Obviously, a Turkish invasion into Northern Iraq would not only cause further death and destruction within Iraq's most stable region, but it could provoke neighboring powers to enter into the fray to assert their interests in the region. This would be a total disaster for the region and would drive crude oil prices sky high, which will negatively affect our economy.

How is it then that the "coalition forces" are not tracking down the PKK, which is labeled as a terrorist organization, yet these same forces are hunting down the Mahdi Army, which we haven't declared to be a terrorist group?

I guess being a NATO member does not mean what it used to.

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