Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Passing of Imam Rasul Madyun (rh)

Surely, we come from G'd and surely to him do we return.

Yesterday, the American Muslim community lost a valuable asset. Imam Rasul Madyun of Washington DC passed due to complications of a stroke.

Imam Madyun, who was in his early 30s, was bridge between the younger and older generations of Muslims in America. He was the assistant Imam of Masjid Al-Mu'minun in Memphis, TN before moving to Washington DC and coming assistant Imam of Masjid Muhammad and teacher at Sister Clara Muhammad school. He was a very active member of the National Young Adult Association, a youth group affliated with the leadership of Imam WD Mohammad, including holding the position of Chairperson of Religious Studies for the organization. He also interned and was a student at the ISNA headquaters in Plainfield, IN.

He leaves behind a wife, parents and many dear friends.

May G'd have mercy upon his soul, forgive him of his sins, shine HIS light upon his grave and grant him eternal bliss. AMEEN!


Tariq Nelson said...

as-salaam alaykum,

I had some thoughts about Rasul here

Spike Zee said...

May Allah accept his deeds and grant him paradise.

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