Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Imams denied passage by U.S. Airways - U.S. Airways is at it again

Yesterday, 6 Imams were denied flight upon U.S. Airways from Minnesota to Arizona because of a passenger sliding a note to a flight attendent that he saw suspicious behavior from the 6 men. That suspicious behavior was praying in the airport before boarding the airplane.

The 6 imams of various ethincity, Arab-American and Non-Arab American, were escorted off of the airplane and not allowed to fly on any U.S. Airways flights. They ended up flying home today on Northwestern.

See video with CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper on MSNBC discussing this matter:

Previously this year, U.S. Airways denied passage to a Jackson, Michigan woman without just cause. U.S. Airways has yet to refund her money.

See story:

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