Tuesday, August 21, 2007

European Christian missionaries in Iraq?

As I was listenting to two young Chaldean women yesterday discuss the difficulties, which Christians are facing in Iraq, it made me reflect on the difficulties, which all Iraqis are facing. Unfortunately for Turkomen Muslims, Chaldeans and Assyrians, they have no militias to protect them in the current state of anarchy in Iraq. So they are more vulnerable to attacks by religious zealots and more often criminals that kidnap for monetary ransoms.

While they mentioned priests being killed in Iraq, I also thought of the numerous Imams that have also been killed as well as the large number of mosques that have been destroyed.

Another disgusting segment in the tragic Iraqi saga is how, with the protection of US troops, European Christian missionaries are prosteletizing in Iraq. Don't they realize that this is ammunition to those who believe and recruit insurgents on the basis that the US and British armies are waging a war against Islam? Don't they understand that Africans and Arabs still have in their collective memory the history of colonialism and that missionaries always accompanied armies when they occupied lands and robbed them of their natural resources?

Missionaries equal explotation to the masses.

Another ignorant policy to add on to the countless mistakes made in Iraq.

SEE video below:

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