Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Contradictory polices regarding Iraq

I just wanted to presented a couple of glaring contradictions regarding the Bush administration's policies regarding Iraq.

The more current contradiction is regarding our policy towards Iran as it relates to Iraq. On one hand, the Bush administration states that Iran is part of the "Axis of Evil" and is one of the major reasons of the instability in Iraq. On the other hand, "our guys" in Iraq and Afghanistan are not only on friendly terms with Iran but are also supported by them.

The older contradiction that has faded away is our excuse for being in Iraq in regards to promoting democracy in the region. Is there democracy in Iraq now with the current administration and legislature now in Iraq?

If we want to bring about democractic reform in the Middle East, shouldn't we have started with Egypt, who receives the most foreign aid from American besides Israel? Then again, maybe we don't want democracy in Egypt because the Egyptians might vote like the Palestinians did in the last election, right?

Of course, entire books can be writen about these two glaring contradictions.

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