Tuesday, August 28, 2007

1 year anniversary of my blog

Many events have been chronicled on this blog over the past year.

This time last year, US Airways had denied flight to a Jackson, Michigan Muslim female under the suspicion that she was carrying "explosive water." After being cleared by the FBI, she was still denied flight.

The Lebanese/Palestinian - Israeli conflict just concluded. Thousands of US citizens were stranded in Lebanon during the conflict in a delayed evacuation effort by the US Government. European countries, somehow, were able to evacuate their citizens immediately while ours languished like Hurricane Katrina evacuees.

CAIR sponsored an historic panel discussion in Washington DC related to the paper of Professor John J. Mearsheimer and Professor Stephen Walt regarding the influence of the Israeli lobby on US foreign policy. A year later, their book, which is about to be released is the center of controversy even prior to its release similiar to controversy and anti-Semetic labeling, which former President Jimmy Carter endured regarding his book, "Palestinian Peace, Not Aparthied."

Despite many reactive news stories and opinions that have been posted on this blog, America is still the best place in the world to be a Muslim in my opinion. In the short term, Islamophobia will probably increase, but it will most likely subside in the long term.

In the upcoming year, I believe that the government will have a major legal set back regarding its case against a Muslim charity, the Democratic presidential candidates will increase their "macho" talk regarding national security including calling for action against Iran, a major portion of the Hurricane Katrina victims still will not make it home, the situation in Iraq will crumble further and Pakistani dictator Pervez Musharraf will either be forced to resign or will be unseated in a coup.

However, G'd knows best. I could be incorrect in these predictions, but they are safe ones to make.

We'll see what the following year brings, G'd willing.

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