Friday, October 20, 2006

"Building Islam in Detroit Project" opens at MSU

The "Building Islam in Detroit Project," which opened yesterday, gives the history of the evolution of Islam in Detroit , Michigan and chronicles its historical significance for the entire American Muslim community. Mosques that are included in the exhibit are Masjid Wali Muhammad, formerly Temple #1 of the original Nation of Islam, the Albanian Islamic Center and Al-Islah Islamic Center. The exhibit, which is scheduled to run until December 1, is located at the Law College Building in the 4th floor atrium.


The "Building Islam in Detroit Project" coincides with recent pledges by Michigan State University officials to promote diversity seminars about Islam on campus in lieu of an Islamophobic e-mail sent to the Muslim Student Association (MSA) of Michigan State University by a tenured professor. In the email sent on February 28, 2006, Dr. Indrek Wichman refers to Muslims as "dissatisfied, agressive (sic), brutal, and uncivilized slave-trading Moslems."


We are pleased that Michigan State University is sponsoring such an exhibit that will give students, staff and the general community a better understanding of the richness of the Muslim community. Our hope is that this event and others to come will serve as proactive measures to promote inclusion and combat Islamophobia in the area.

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