Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Walid meets with Homeland Security, Justice Department and FBI regional director to discuss raid on Muslim charity

Today at the Lebanese American Heritage Club in Dearborn, Michigan, several community leaders including officials from ADC, CIOM and CAIR met with FBI regional director Dan Roberts and other officials to discuss the raid of two days ago on Life for Relief and Development, which is a Muslim charity based in Southfield, Michigan.

When asked about how the media knew to come to LIFE's office almost simultaneously with the FBI and IRS, Mr. Roberts asserted that the FBI did not tip off the media. Furthermore, Mr. Roberts purported that the FBI never stated that the counter-terrorism task force are assisting in the investigation.

Either Mr. Roberts is not being 100% forthcoming, there is an agent who is leaking partially false information to the press or the press has misreported this story.

Slated for tomorrow is a press conference with CAIR-MI, ADC-MI and LIFE officials to discuss this issue in detail.

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Juan EscareƱo said...

I vote for all three; Mr. Roberts is not forthcoming, agents are leaking and the press is misreporting.

There is an effort to spin media for the sake of political points in my opinion from the governments side.

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