Thursday, September 14, 2006

Interfaith event between African-Americans & Jewish-Americans or Evangelical & Pro-Israeli propaganda?

Tonight in Detroit, the Fellowship of Israel and Black America (FIBA) will be holding an event to propagate the misnomer that African-Americans and Israelis have a natural connection whose interests are mutually exclusive.

Rev. Glen Plummer, whose anti-Muslim rhetoric is well known to African-American Muslim leaders, is one of the key organizers of the new evangelical, ultra-Zionist organization FIBA, which is based in Plymouth, Michigan.

With Islam being the fastest growing religion among African-Americans and waning pro-Israeli sentiments within mainstream America, this organization reeks a marriage of political convenience.

The doctrine of evangelical Christians states that those who do not expect Jesus as their lord and saviour will be damned to hell-fire, which includes Jews. Rev. Plummer, who comes from this school of thought, has no spiritual interest in having brotherly conversation with Jews outside of conversion if he is holding fast to this doctrine. Thus, this is political marriage. It does not hurt that his endeavors receive funding from those who are not of his ethnic and religious group either.

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Dalia said...

Quoting from the actual article: "African-Americans and Israelis have a natural connection whose interests are mutually exclusive."
That is one rediculous concept, if I have ever heard one!!! Seriously, are people that naive to believe it? Does anyone know their logic to this statement?


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