Friday, September 29, 2006

Bigot of the Month - George Allen (R-VA)

US Senator George Allen gets the dubious distiction of being the Bigot of the Month. Following his recent fiasco of calling a native born American of East Indian heritage the name "macaca," Mr. Allen has been accussed by old collegues of having freely used the "N" word to describe African-Americans.

Oddly, Mr. Allen, whose mother was born in Tunisia and is from Jewish background, became hostile with reporters earlier this month when questioned about his Jewish heritage. He later acknowledged that he comes from a Jewish mother, which qualifies him as being born Jewish according to Jewish doctrine; however, he joked referring to his lineage by stating that he "just finished eating a ham sandwich for lunch."

It's also worth noting that the term "macaca" that Mr. Allen used is similar to the word "macaque" that is used to describe monkeys and is a racial slur for blacks in the area of North Africa, which his mother is from.

SEE: (Mr. Allen's "macaca" statements on video)

Recent reports about Mr. Allen are a sad reminder that things have not changed that much in the "Old Dominion."

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