Saturday, December 01, 2007

Travesty in Sudan, British teacher should be released ASAP

The inappropriate 15 day jail sentencing of the British school teacher for ALLOWING her students to name a teddy bear "Mohammed" gave off residual stench yesterday in Khartoum, a protest after the Friday sermon calling for her death.

Besides the fact that the naming allowance appears to have been perfectly innocent and not an insult, it is also telling that the shaykh, who called for her death and the marchers from yesterday have a disregard for their own rule of law.

How in the world can the marchers go to the streets with knives and clubs calling for death in response to a 15 day sentence that was excessive? With this type of mentality, there is no wonder why Sudanese people have been slaughtering themselves for over a decade.

Hopefully, the two British Muslims from Britain's upper house that are in Sudan calling for the teacher's release will be successful in their mission. She needs to get out of jail and Sudan ASAP.

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