Friday, July 27, 2007

Walid on Mitch Albom Show discussing charity raids

After my interview on WJR 760 AM, Mr. Albom brought on the air Southfield, Michigan's most notorious Islamphobe, who also refers to Pakistanis as "Pakis," to comment on the charities being raided.

Points of clarification based on the Islamophobe's comments:

Most Muslims in Metro Detroit have never heard of the Goodwill Charities. Those who have heard of it are almost exclusively Shi'ahs of Lebanese heritage. Being that most Muslims in Metro Detroit are Sunnis and Non-Arabs, including my Blackamerican self, most would not have even had access to have known about this charity as she purports. Only 5 out of the 45 mosques in Metro Detroit are Lebanese Shi'ahs, and even many of them had not heard of Goodwill Charities.

Regarding Hizbullah and Hamas, we condemn all attacks on civilians including suicide bombings, including terrorists acts by these two organizations.

Will the Islamophobes and anti-Arabists condemn the deaths and injuries committed by the IDF against the civilian "collateral damage" that was the majority of the casualities in Lebanon last summer including deaths and injuries related to the dropping of illegal cluster bombs? Nope!

A human soul is a human soul. If it's wrong to take the life of an innocent person from one religious and/or ethnic group, it is equally wrong to take the life on an innocent person from outside of that religious and/or ethnic group. This is called JUSTICE.

Cut & paste to listen:

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