Thursday, July 26, 2007

Messages for Friday - Giving to orphans is a religious mandate in Islam

G'd says in the Qur'an in the 107th chapter:

Have you seen the one, who rejects [the true essence] of religion?
He who repells the orphan,
and does not promote the feeding of the poor?
Woe to the worshippers,
Those who pray and are heedless,
Those who pray to be seen,
But refuse acts of kindness.

It is a mandate in Islam that Muslims are to take care of the orphans. This is a clear injunction in the Qur'an and is deep within the spirit of the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAAS), who himself was an orphan.

In war torn societies especially, orphans may be the most vunerable people. Not only can they not support themselves materially, but even more important, they lack protection. They are orphaned not by choice, but due to circumstances, which they are innocent of.

Thus, the Muslims have the responsibility of protecting orphans from harm as well as giving them the tools that they need to develope in life (wholesome food, access to health care & education).

In Islam, rituals are important, but rituals without compassion are worthless. It is better for one to implement plans to take care of the weak than perform superogatory chants and prayers.

And surely G'd knows best.

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