Thursday, July 12, 2007

Message for Friday - The Excellence of Beneficence

خير الناس من نفع النلس

Prophet Muhammad (SAAS) said, "The best of the people is the one who benefits people."

خير الناس فعالا

And he (SAAS) also said, "The best of the people is the productive person."

All societies recognize the merits of those who work and construct plans that benefit the masses of the people.

To benefit the masses, however, one has to help themself firstly.

A Muslim should seek to benefit and empower in the following order:

1) One's own soul
2) Family members
3) Muslim community
4) One's tribe/ethnic group
5) One's nation
6) All of humanity

Logically, a person cannot be of much benefit to others without self-empowerment. Furthermore, it is irrational for a person to seek to benefit people half way around the world while their own family or people in their own close sphere of influence are suffering.

And surely G'd knows best.

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