Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sunni & Shi'i imams speak out against terror bombing of mosque in Iraq

Detroit-Area Clerics Condemn
Mosque Bombing
Sarah Hulett

Islamic clerics from the Detroit area are condemning the bombing of the Askaria Mosque in Samarra today. And they're urging southeast Michigan's Muslim community to stay calm in the wake of the destruction of a one of the holiest Shi'ite shrines.

Dawud Walid directs the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Michigan. He says there needs to be a thorough investigation into who's responsible for the explosions."We also call on the Muslim community and the Muslim scholars both in Iraq and here and to remind their followers to be calm," says Walid.

"We should not jump to any conclusions as to who was behind this crime.

"Imam Mohammad Musa is with the Muslim Unity Center in Bloomfield Hills. He says it's critical for Sunni and Shi'ite leaders to come together.

"Our community is worried about what's happening there like disease," says Musa. "And they don't like the disease to come here."(MORE)

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