Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Message for Friday - The caller is like the actor

It is narrated that Prophet Muhammad (SAAS) said, "The one who guides towards excellence is like the one who does it."

People who have refined the art of eloquence can sway the hearts and minds of many. In fact, many eloquent speakers can influence their audiences without using logic but connecting through emotional appeals.

Hence, the callers to faith and civic responsibility have the weighty responsibility of mobilizing the public towards wholesome, constructive behaviors within society. Their ability to influence can be a powerful catalyst in bringing about good.

It is also narrated that Prophet Muhammad said, "The one that guides towards evil is similiar to it."

American law recognizes the illegality of those who call towards mischief; it is referred to as incitement. People, for instance, who incite others through their speech towards violence bear some of the responsibility of the active participants whether the inciters took part in the actions or not.

One example of this is the hate websites and blogs ran by terrorists to Islamophobes that incite hatred towards certain groups of people. They have a burden to bear for the actions of those who were inspired by their diabolical rhetoric. Although they may not face justice in a court of law, they most certaintly will answer to G'd for every word.

And surely G'd knows best.

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