Friday, May 11, 2007

Walid appears on John Gibson Talk Show last night

Last night's discussion with conservative talk show host John Gibson related to the anti-profiling ordinance, which passed two days ago in Detroit's city council.

The ordinance simply states that city officials, including the Detroit police, cannot ask for citizenship status of individuals for them to receive services from the city or in minor traffic stops.

How does someone in illegal status look? Because someone's last name is Castro, Abdullah, or Khan, would that make them a potential illegal immigrant instead of someone with the last name of Gibson, McNichols, or McVeigh? Maybe if their skin is too dark, would that make them a potential illegal? A long beard, kufi cap or head scarf perhaps?

Obviously, it's quite easy for someone whose name is "traditional" who looks like an "average American" that has never been profiled or harassed by law enforcement to assert that people with an ethnic look should be comfortable with being profiled.

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