Wednesday, April 25, 2007

In memory of Brother Harold Hasan (rh)

"Surely we are from G'd, and surely to Him are we returning." - The Qur'an

Yesterday evening, a pillar of the Detroit Muslim community passed away from this wordly life. Harold Hasan, 82, joined the Nation of Islam under the leadership of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad in the 1950s when Temple #1 was located off of Hastings St in the area, which was called "Black Bottom" before I-94 was built in the middle of it.

Bro. Harold was a personal acquintance of Hajj Malik El'Shabazz aka Malcolm X as well as his family. He saw and gave personal accounts of many of the issues within the African-American Muslim community during the Civil Rights era including the infiltration of agents and provocatuers of former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover's COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) to the demonization of Muslims in the American media.

In 1975 at the time of the death of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, his son, Imam WD Mohammed, became the leader of the NOI and moved the community into the practice of mainstream, universal Islam, which Bro. Harold accepted fully. From the year of transition until this year, Bro. Harold was the Caller to Prayer at Masjid Wali Muhammad (Formerly Temple #1), whose voice was heard by thousands of ears by Muslims in the mosque to drivers passing by the mosque off of Linwood Ave. during prayer times.

A few months ago, Bro. Harold just completed the Hajj, pilgrimage to Makkah, and was just presented a certificate for this accomplishment at Cobo Hall this past Sunday during a speaking event featuring Imam WD Mohammed.

May G'd have mercy upon his soul, make his grave spacious and illuminated and grant him high rank in the Paradise. Ameen.

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