Friday, March 23, 2007

Walid featured in the Ambassador Magazine

In this month's issue of the Ambassador Magazine (Volume two, issue two) in pages 68 - 69 under the "Feel the Power" section, the following questions were posed and answered:

Community -
what do you do outside of your church [mosque] or lectures to impact your community in a positive way?

I have worked with non-Muslim organizations relating to social justice issues such as volunteering with Habitat for Humanity and assisting feeding the indigent.

Self-Empowerment -
what is the best thing someone can do to empower him or her self?

The best thing that a person can do to empower him or her self is to first recognize that he/she does not have the ultimate control over determining others' behaviors or determining the outcomes of situations.

Tolerance -
what is the best way for people of different faiths to live in harmony?

Dialogue is the best way to cultivate a spirit of cooperation. Once people of different groups interact with each other, their common interests as human beings transcend many of their theological differences.

War & Peace -
what about those who use religion as a means to create war?

Religion in many cases is used by war-mongers as an excuse to exert political power over others. Religion, however, does not contradict a group's right to defend their lives, property and dignity when being attacked.

Church & State -
what is your stance on religious leaders participating in politics? Should the church [mosque] and state be completely separate?

Islam is an entire way of life, not just a set of rituals or a philosophy. God is not absent in any aspect of the life of humans, which includes the political life. Religious leaders should feel the obligation to be involved in politics to help shape policies in a positive way.

Business -
what is your position on the role of spiritual leaders play in creating business opportunities within their communities?

Lack of economic opportunities brings about social injustice. Spiritual leaders should encourage a better climate for business that assists in bringing about better economic options for all people.

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