Thursday, January 25, 2007

Message for Friday - Beware of becoming a slave to materialism

يقول الإمام الحسين رضي الله عنه: الناس عبيد الدنيا

Imam Husayn (May G'd be pleased with him) stated, "People are slaves of the material world."

The above statement means that most, not all, people are slaves of materialism, which would be an accurate statement in today's American society. The love of wealth in this society is evident based upon the messages that corporate entities unleash on the American public, feeding into many people's perceptions that success in life is based upon eclipsing others' material acquisitions. Pure capitalists, who lack ethics and concern for the advancement of society, exploit these weaknesses to increase their profit margins. The bigger, the better; the more "bling," the more ching.

Those, however, who are conscious of their relationship with G'd and understand how to interact with the material world in a healthy manner shun gross materialism. They guard themselves from being seduced into the race to purchase homes than their families' need. They do not seek to purchase the biggest diamonds to show off their wealth. Their excess wealth, meaning wealth outside of taking care of their basic needs, is used to build better community life and supplement the needs of the less fortunate in society, the poor, insane, youth and elderly. These are the sincere believers of G'd.

May G'd guide us away from gross materialism and give us more charitable hearts. AMEEN.

And surely G'd knows best.

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